Our implementation team will upload or input your electronic or scanned data  data assumptions from various sources, including your last rate study. The following data sources are required:

  • O&M budget
  •  CIP master plan 
  • Expenditures  
  • Incremental O&M 
  • Customer service class projections by product
  • Connections per product customer service class
  • Volume per customer service class
  • The last rate study, including the rate design and direction of cost allocation factors  


During the implementation of the project, we perform the following services, included in the annual subscription fee: 

  1. Upload or key-in data assumptions, as required 
  2. Establish cost escalation factors per O&M budget type or line item while working with your team
  3. Set up the rate design based on your last rate study and verify with your team
  4. Establish customer class projection assumptions for each service class working with your team
  5. Capture your CIP master plan, including incremental O&M 


Our help desk support team is committed to providing comprehensive support with the use and application of our software:

  • Contact us via email or text, and we will respond in a timely manner
  • We can quickly set up an online meeting and perform step-by-step help desk assistance  
  • We monitor your online system and validate that it is functioning properly
  • We are happy to assist with annual data updates upon request  



CAPITAL OBJECTS will refresh the calculated rates and validate that the calculations are correct, based on the input assumptions provided and the rate design. Our experienced service team, representing decades of experience in financial planning and cost-of-service analysis studies, will validate and stand behind the calculated rates based on:  

  • Direction of costs from the last rate study
  • Customer service class projections
  • O&M budget
  • CIP master plan
  • Capital financing
  • O&M budget escalations by type or detail line item


  • Develop a comprehensive financing plan that features various  timing and options associated with the CIP Master Plan
  • Develop strategies for reserve funds  and run the scenarios including:
    • Rate stabilization fund
    • Capital project fund
    • Emergency fund
  • Test alternative rate increase strategies, including:
    • Baseline, keep rates as they are
    • Just-in-time rate increase
    • Single-rate increase